Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Whisperwave Your Project From Top to Bottom

When it comes to controlling the acoustics in a common workspace, it's important to consider style as much as function. A standard rectangular acoustical panel might not fit with a modern office space design, and sizing options could be limited. Or maybe the space in question is a modern music venue. These spaces want to be as comfortably stylish as they are functional. In either of these instances, Whisperwave™ panels are a fantastic option.

Imagine you manage facilities at a hip, modern office with exposed rafters and you have large, open meeting spaces where sound can carry. Putting up walls can ruin the office atmosphere your company wants to create, but you have to do something to reduce noise while keeping the aesthetics of your space. Ceiling clouds are a perfect solution! Hung parallel to the floor or ceiling, these curved acoustical panels are made from Class A fire-rated melamine foam and are incredibly lightweight. Their curved style gives them a modern look, and they can be mounted at various heights for an asymmetric vibe or incorporated into an existing design. If you have limited ceiling space to work with but need more noise and reverberation reduction, ceiling baffles are ideal. Hung perpendicular to the floor, these baffles can be staggered at various heights to create a layered wall of soundproofing between spaces with 12” ribbon baffles and 24” standard baffles available. Baffles are ideal for high ceilings or spaces where one needs to limit blocking of light or fire sprinklers.

After you’ve tackled sound carrying up toward the ceiling, it’s important to address your space’s walls. Whisperwave™ offers a line of ribbon-styled wall panels that can be mounted directly to the wall for a stylish and practical way to address noise. Use them in recording studios or create a feature wall out of the panels for a unique design aesthetic. They are lightweight, easy to install and look great in a modern setting.

We offer this fantastic line in natural white, natural gray and standard or premium HPC colors, and we’re excited to discuss how these great products can be incorporated into your reverb reduction project. Contact us with questions or concerns, or get a quick quote so you can upgrade your room’s design and cut down on noise at the same time. We think you’ll love the modern look, easy maintenance and practicality that Whisperwave™ can offer!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Soundproofing Your Studio Doors & Windows

Whether it’s a recording studio that needs complete soundproofing or a home theater or study where ideal acoustics are preferred, controlling the noise coming into a room is as important as controlling the noise you produce. Plenty of attention is given to a studio’s walls, but it’s also important to pay attention to windows and doors. Why place so much emphasis on a studio’s doors and windows?

It’s a common misconception that air and sound travel the same way. While a small gap or crack around a window might leak out just a small amount of air, the amount of sound emitted is exponentially higher. In fact, a small gap in your door or window can reduce your soundproofing effectiveness by upwards of 50 percent! There are plenty of DIY remedies to consider, but installing professionally engineered doors and windows goes a long way to reaching your soundproofing needs.

QuietSpec studio doors are an ideal single-leaf option for STC- and OTIC-rated acoustic doors. They’re engineered with a customized, high-mass, viscoelastic damping core and finished off in a clean birch that can be stained or painted as desired. Different heights and widths are available, as are core thicknesses depending on your needs. Acoustic-rated thresholds are included as well, giving you complete soundproofing from top to bottom. We ship these state-of-the-art soundproof doors in just four weeks after receipt of order, which is an average of three times faster than our competitors!

What about windows picking up ambient noise from the outdoors or other areas of a building? Quiescent soundproof windows are an STC-rated custom solution designed to fit and function with any wall thickness. Made with an anodized aluminum frame, these acoustical windows are suitable for interior or exterior use with angled or vertical options and laminated panes for 45 - 56 STC configurations. While every soundproofing space is unique, our team of experts can customize and ship these soundproof studio windows in as little as 5-6 weeks after receipt of order!

When it comes to soundproofing a studio, home theater or quiet space, just as much attention should be given to doors and windows as is given to walls, floors and ceilings. With proper consideration and customization, you can make sure your doors and windows are keeping sound from penetrating or escaping and working properly for your space. If you have any questions or concerns about which door and window soundproofing options are best for your space, contact us at 866-768-6381 to speak with our soundproofing professionals. You can also leave us comments on this post and we’ll be happy to assist!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Prospec ® Composite Barrier

We are always excited to add new and innovative products for our customers to enjoy. Bringing you the safest, most effective and affordable noise dampening materials has kept SoundAway on the cutting edge, and that dedication has led us to an awesome new product for homes and offices of any size. After doing our homework, we’re happy to introduce a new type of soundproofing material we feel will help you take your sound dampening projects to the next level: The Prospec ® Composite Barrier!

Prospec sheets are made of a 3-ply material that consists of a mass loaded vinyl barrier surrounded on either side with a willtec fire-resistant melamine foam and another willtec foam decoupler layer designed for the very best in noise dampening for walls, floors, ceilings, and all types of loud heavy machinery. This material installs quickly and easily fits into tight spaces and awkward configurations.

The innovative design makes Prospec barrier a much more versatile material than ever before! While this material can be placed out of site, it can also be hung like a curtain to separate conference rooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums, factory floors, and so much more for a wide range of frequencies. The material is pliable and easy to work with and adheres to surfaces using an optional included adhesive tape on one side or using our acouSTIC foam adhesive.

This is a LEED Green Certified material which means that it is designed with sustainability in mind, is safe for the environment, and will not irritate those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. This material will not decompose over time or emit toxic gases in the event it is exposed to flames or high heat. Prospec Composite boasts a Noise Reduction Coefficient of up to 0.85 with a Sound Transmission Class of up to 28.

Prospec Composite is so versatile and easy to use that it manages to be perfect for applications ranging from home and office to commercial and industrial. Combining mass loaded vinyl with willtec acoustical foams with the benefit of decoupling puts Prospec in a class all its own. Buy with the pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy hanging or go with foam adhesive where necessary to create the perfect noise dampening solution in minutes on even the most conservative budget.

How will you use your Prospec Composite Barrier? Share your stories and ideas in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Best Barriers for Noise Reduction

When it comes to reducing noise in your home or office, the options can be confusing. Noise reduction materials are designed for a wide range of applications and making the right decisions can mean the difference between success and failure. You’ll need something that looks great, lasts for years, and fits into your budget. So, we’re going to go through a few of our favorite sound reducing products you can use to make the most of your home or work space.

Mass loaded vinyl sheets are a great solution for walls, ceilings, floors, and enclosures of all kinds. This material has a high STC (Sound Transmission Class – the unit of measurement for sound barrier materials) across a wide range of frequencies and comes in either 1/8” or 1/4” thickness. When used for flooring, adding a carpet underlay will slightly increase the STC upon installation. We carry mass loaded vinyl sheets and rolls with a durable pressure-sensitive-adhesive that will easily stick to virtually all cleaned surfaces. Don’t forget to use our vinyl seam tape to prevent noise leaks between MLV sheets and other surfaces.

Our UltraQuiet acoustic cotton panels are perfect for large rooms including churches, theaters, conference rooms, and gymnasiums. These panels made from recycled cotton fibers greatly reduce reverberations using environmentally friendly “green” materials that are LEED Certified. These acoustic panels are Class A fire-rated and perfect for anyone dealing with allergies or chemical sensitivities. We offer a wide range of sizes and colors from which to choose your favorites and we have thicker acoustic bass traps for blocking those lower frequencies.

UltraTouch denim insulation is one of the safest and most effective wall insulations you can buy! UltraTouch denim insulation is also LEED Certified, meaning it is environmentally safe and contains no formaldehyde, fiberglass or chemical irritants of any kind. It is made from recycled denim fabrics transformed to greatly reduce noise while also improving heating and cooling efficiency. The thick, three-dimensional structure traps and isolates sound with an STC of 45. This amazing insulation will last for years and is easy to install.

At SoundAway, we pride ourselves in providing the very best noise reduction products for our loyal customers and these are just a few of our favorite products for reducing noise in virtually any room - no matter how conservative your budget. What are your best tips for reducing noise in the home or office? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Acoustic Control: It isn’t Just for Walls Anymore

Sometimes we find ourselves in loud situations that we can’t quite get ourselves out of. Let’s say that you’ve recently moved into your new dream house with your kids and pets who love to play outdoors all day and your neighbors are constantly complaining about the noise. While you see nothing wrong with letting them enjoy the outdoors and playing, you want to keep things civil with your neighbors since you all have to live there together. With SoundAway’s innovative acoustic control products you can make everyone happy in no time.

At SoundAway, acoustic control goes beyond panels covering four walls. Acoustical modifications can be done outdoors with products like the Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a high -density, safe, non-toxic vinyl acoustic noise barrier that can help reduce sound transmission and contain noise reverberations. MLV can easily be applied and reinforced to outdoor fences or hung against them like a curtain to help reduce noise. Whether for nagging neighbors or an industrial park with heavy equipment operating outdoors, MLV noise barriers are a perfect solution.

For internal noise control situations, such as noisy and loud pipes inside your home or office, products like Mylar Scrim Tape, Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap and Recycled UltraTouch Cotton Denim Insulation can reduce the sound of noisy pipes, improve thermal heating and cooling while isolating and controlling sound waves.

1.  Mylar Scrim Tape

Mylar Scrim Tape is made with a reinforced pure aluminum facing that is designed to seal seams of barrier composites with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Mylar tape is safe to use for sealing and patchwork as it has a low moisture vapor transmission rate and high thermal conductivity which helps enhance heating and cooling efficiency. Mylar tape is excellent for helping reinforce other soundproofing items within the walls for pipes and is flame-resistant, will seal any air leaks, and protect pipes from moisture, solvens and dust.

2.   Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap

For noise control and soundproofing of noisy pipes and duct works, Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap is the answer. Designed with MLV reinforced with a foil-faced backing and a fiberglass insulation, you can safely wrap virtually anything with this safe, Class-A thermal insulator and excellent acoustic control solution. Using Decoupler wrap will effectively block noise that is transmitted through the walls of the pipe as it increases the sound absorption in the cavity.

3.  Recycled UltraTouch Cotton Denim Insulation

For superior and safe acoustic insulation, UltraTouch Denim Insulation is an environmentally safe three-dimensional micro-structure that is designed to effectively trap, isolate and control sound while improving heating and cooling efficiency of your home or office resulting in a significant energy and cost savings. UltraTouch Denim insulation is made from recycled cotton and has no chemical irritants, no VOC outgassing, no formaldehyde and no fiberglass. With this innovative superior noise reduction solution your home or office will be efficiently insulated and quieter in no time and for less than you’d expect!

At SoundAway we understand that acoustic control and soundproofing isn’t just for walls anymore. With our selection of safe, healthy and superior performance products there is a acoustic control solution that is right for your commercial or residential needs. Shop for your acoustical products today and if you’re not sure what’s right for you, contact our team of experts and we’ll talk you through every step!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Making Acoustic Control Stylish Again

While acoustic panels and components can add funky and fun textures to rooms, they are not always ideal for enhancing the overall aesthetic that you imagine for that specific space. Acoustical panels and baffles are often bulky and monochromatic, which can suck the life out of a space designed for productive creativity. At SoundAway, we aim to help you improve the acoustics of your most important spaces without limiting your design options or color choices. With our selection of Guilford of Maine Anchorage acoustic fabrics we can help you dress up all of your acoustical gear.

Anchorage acoustic fabrics can be draped or fitted to cover your noise dampening equipment without taking away your panels’ ability to absorb sound efficiently. Anchorage Series 2335 is made of 100 percent recycled polyester and will not reflect sound waves the way that regular fabrics do, which can hinder your panels’ ability to absorb sound and reduce noise. Acoustic fabrics allow sound to pass through them so that the panels, baffles or clouds can properly do their job. Currently, the series has 38 color options and the fabrics can easily be cut to perfectly fit any shape or size! Anchorage Series 2335 easily adheres to acoustic paneling with an easy to use spray adhesive. 

Acoustic fabrics can be paired with all shapes and sizes. Whether you have acoustic panels, baffles, ceiling cloud, or speakers, you can use our acoustic fabrics to improve the look and feel in minutes and without breaking the bank. For other sound control options, such as Ultra Quiet Cotton Panels, you can use our acoustic fabrics to dress them up, as well. Ultra Quiet panels are made from compressed cotton fibers that absorb sound from a wide range of frequencies by reducing the sound waves reflecting from hard surfaces within a space to better manage sound control. Anchorage Acoustic fibers can easily be attached to the surface of cotton panels while allowing the panels to successfully absorb reverberations caused by loud voices, heating or ventilation, and office equipment. Our wide selection of acoustic fabrics are Class A fire rated and a safe option for decorating panels at work or at home.

Dressing up your space is easy with Anchorage acoustic fabrics. Acoustic panels come in all shapes and forms, liked curved accent shapes that can easily be dressed up with fun colored fabrics to breathe new life into your rooms! Imagine, you’ve got your home theater and recording studio fully equipped with the proper acoustical panels and elements, but the monochromatic color scheme takes away from the ambience of the space. With anchorage fabrics you can maneuver and shape them to add a fun and unique color scheme composed of graphite, red delicious or smooth midnight black. These three colors together will give your at home theater and recording studio the perfect ambiance and with your own personalized touches and pops of color. A space that feels good and is aesthetically appealing can improve productivity and overall morale while you work or relax. So, what are you waiting for? Shop SoundAway’s selection of acoustic fabrics and make your space feel good and look good, too. Turn your space from drab to fab today!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Beauty of Baffles for Sound Reduction

There are plenty of ways to reduce noise and echoes from reverberating around your large rooms, banquet halls, and industrial spaces. But, why not spice things up with stylish acoustic baffles? Baffles come in a wide range of shapes & sizes transforming your large rooms into awesome looking spaces with incredible acoustic control. So, here are a few of our favorite baffles for giving your rooms the fresh new look you don’t see every day!

Whisperwave Natural White Baffles

These sleek, curved panels are made from a lightweight melamine foam designed to provide excellent sound insulation. The sleek, white color pops against any background and the curved design gives any room a sharp, artistic look and feel. They are dust and mold-resistant so you can hang it and forget it! These stylish panels are hassle-free and built to last for years. Hang these baffles using simple corkscrew hangers and make sure to wear gloves as to not smudge the panels. Melamine is a porous material by design and somewhat delicate. Make sure you proceed with care!

SONEX Rondo Baffles

If you’re looking for something a bit more colorful and appealing, check out our SONEX rondo baffles! These are a creative solution for giving your large rooms a funky look and feel that all ages can appreciate. These cylindrical baffles each hang vertically by a single corkscrew hanger and installation takes only seconds. They are made from Willtec open-cell melamine foam that’s both fire and mold-resistant. When these baffles are hung collectively, they deliver powerful acoustical dampening you’ll notice right away. Choose your favorite HPC color or mix it up to create your own one-of-a-kind color scheme. These panels will do the rest!

LEED Certified UltraQuiet Cotton Baffles

If you have an industrial or commercial area with large fans or air currents, you may want to use wall-mounted baffles in place of hanging ones. Our UltraQuiet cotton baffles are made from a recycled denim and cotton material compressed into high-density sheets that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Certified and safe for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities. These baffles hang vertically or horizontally using grommets and installation is fast and easy. We offer a range of colors and sizes to accommodate any style or size room. This material is also great for reducing the noise from loud office and industrial equipment.

These are just a few of our favorite creative solutions for controlling the acoustic reverberations in large rooms. Each of these baffles have their own benefits and the ones you choose will ultimately be dictated by the environment in which they will be used. Contact our team if you have any questions and we’ll help you find a solution that works for you!

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!