Thursday, October 17, 2019

How to Install Whisperwave Clouds & Baffles

The Whisperwave line includes some of the best sound absorbing hanging baffles and clouds on the market. Featuring an s-shaped design that is visually appealing and with options available in colors from earth-toned to bright and vibrant, these products are an obvious choice. Install in industrial facilities, auditoriums, high-ceiling office, classrooms, or any space that is in need of noise control. For those in need of a bit of guidance, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to walk you through it.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Hanging Materials.
Our Whisperwave Clouds and Baffles come with the needed stainless-steel corkscrews for wire suspension (smaller clouds, four per 2’ x 4’, and larger clouds, six per 48” x 96”) but they will arrive separately. Ensure you have these corkscrews on hand or purchase them before installing the product.
For Vertical Suspended Baffles, place the suspension points where necessary on your Whisperwave Baffle. Insert (two per baffle) the corkscrew by pressing down firmly and turning clockwise until the top of the coil is completely seated alongside the top of the baffle. Then suspend the baffle using hanging wires and anchors. Voila, you’re done!

Horizontal Suspended Whsiperwave Clouds take a little bit more effort to install. Our anchor placement guide comes in handy:
The placement of the corkscrews on your horizontal panel depends on the size of your cloud.

To find the approximate distance away from the sides to install the corkscrew hangers, multiply the width and length by 0.20, similar to how you would find the diagonal length of a square.

For example, for 4’ x 8’ Whisperwave Clouds, to set the corkscrew hangers, you’ll want to have 3 corkscrews along the horizontal side of the baffle, 1 in the middle approximately 8 inches from the edge and approximately 11.3” from the corners.

For 2’ x 4’ Whisperwave Clouds, set the corkscrew hangers 4.75” away from the sides and 9.5” in the front and back of the cloud. Be sure to keep all hanging wires plumb to ensure the best results for your baffling.