Thursday, November 29, 2018

Acoustic Control: It isn’t Just for Walls Anymore

Sometimes we find ourselves in loud situations that we can’t quite get ourselves out of. Let’s say that you’ve recently moved into your new dream house with your kids and pets who love to play outdoors all day and your neighbors are constantly complaining about the noise. While you see nothing wrong with letting them enjoy the outdoors and playing, you want to keep things civil with your neighbors since you all have to live there together. With SoundAway’s innovative acoustic control products you can make everyone happy in no time.

At SoundAway, acoustic control goes beyond panels covering four walls. Acoustical modifications can be done outdoors with products like the Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a high -density, safe, non-toxic vinyl acoustic noise barrier that can help reduce sound transmission and contain noise reverberations. MLV can easily be applied and reinforced to outdoor fences or hung against them like a curtain to help reduce noise. Whether for nagging neighbors or an industrial park with heavy equipment operating outdoors, MLV noise barriers are a perfect solution.

For internal noise control situations, such as noisy and loud pipes inside your home or office, products like Mylar Scrim Tape, Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap and Recycled UltraTouch Cotton Denim Insulation can reduce the sound of noisy pipes, improve thermal heating and cooling while isolating and controlling sound waves.

1.  Mylar Scrim Tape

Mylar Scrim Tape is made with a reinforced pure aluminum facing that is designed to seal seams of barrier composites with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Mylar tape is safe to use for sealing and patchwork as it has a low moisture vapor transmission rate and high thermal conductivity which helps enhance heating and cooling efficiency. Mylar tape is excellent for helping reinforce other soundproofing items within the walls for pipes and is flame-resistant, will seal any air leaks, and protect pipes from moisture, solvens and dust.

2.   Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap

For noise control and soundproofing of noisy pipes and duct works, Decoupler Pipe and Duct Wrap is the answer. Designed with MLV reinforced with a foil-faced backing and a fiberglass insulation, you can safely wrap virtually anything with this safe, Class-A thermal insulator and excellent acoustic control solution. Using Decoupler wrap will effectively block noise that is transmitted through the walls of the pipe as it increases the sound absorption in the cavity.

3.  Recycled UltraTouch Cotton Denim Insulation

For superior and safe acoustic insulation, UltraTouch Denim Insulation is an environmentally safe three-dimensional micro-structure that is designed to effectively trap, isolate and control sound while improving heating and cooling efficiency of your home or office resulting in a significant energy and cost savings. UltraTouch Denim insulation is made from recycled cotton and has no chemical irritants, no VOC outgassing, no formaldehyde and no fiberglass. With this innovative superior noise reduction solution your home or office will be efficiently insulated and quieter in no time and for less than you’d expect!

At SoundAway we understand that acoustic control and soundproofing isn’t just for walls anymore. With our selection of safe, healthy and superior performance products there is a acoustic control solution that is right for your commercial or residential needs. Shop for your acoustical products today and if you’re not sure what’s right for you, contact our team of experts and we’ll talk you through every step!