Friday, March 30, 2018

Reducing Noise Pollution in the Home

Upgrading your house with soundproofing products is a great way to reduce unwanted sound from inside and outside the home. Reverberations from large appliances and noise from outside the home can be more distracting than you realize, disrupting your daily life and especially your sleep. Many simple projects can be done to improve the sound quality inside your home, on even the most modest budget, without the need to hire a contractor. So, we’re going to review a few fast, easy ways to improve the sound quality in your home.


A great way to improve the sound quality, while increasing your home’s efficiency, is to make sure that your home is well insulated. Older homes will likely have insulation that has been compromised due to water damage, small animals, and temperature changes over time. Any damaged insulation should be removed and leaks properly sealed as a first step. Once any issues have been remedied, you’re ready to move forward. Since we understand that many home projects are DIY, we recommend using our UltraTouchcotton insulation for the job. This is a LEED Green Certified material that’s safe for the entire family to work with. Sorry kids! UltraTouch is made from a durable cotton material that has the benefit of being both exceptional at absorbing sound and improving the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. The attic is a great place to start. Install these insulation batts between studs and joists while leaving ample room for all fixtures and appliances. Don’t forget to wrap any noisy pipes or ducts with our mass loaded vinyl insulation, as well. 


Leaks from windows are a major source of noise pollution for many homeowners. However, replacing windows is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. In reality, the issue can likely be remedied without replacing the entire window and frame. An affordable, effective solution is our SoundAway window plugs. We took our SoundAway mat designed for soundproofing enclosures around motors, generators, and A/C units to create a moisture-resistant window plug. The window plug creates an airtight seal between your window and frame. This is a closed cell foam sponge designed to block, reflect, and absorb sound across all frequencies. These window plugs install in minutes and will be effective for years to come.


Even when closed, sound can leak through from under and around a door frame. If sound is able to penetrate your doorways, sealing up the area around the door jamb is the best way to rid your rooms of this unwanted noise. We’ve come up with an easy way to block noise for seeping through doorways with our surface-mounted door seals and door seal frames. These are affordable options that are easy to install and provide an effective means of blocking sound for doors of all sizes. Whether you only need to block sound from the bottom of the door or need a complete frame kit, we can cut it to fit your exact needs.

These are just a few of the easy and affordable ways you can improve the sound quality inside your home. Your family will enjoy a more pleasant home that leads to improved sleep and a healthier environment overall. What are your quick and easy DIY soundproofing tips for the home? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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