Thursday, May 23, 2019

Acoustic Paneling Options for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant, your key goals are to provide customers with great food and a great dining experience. This goes beyond delicious ingredients, great customer service and a clean dining area; the sound and ambience of your restaurant can play a big role in a patron’s decision to frequent your business. Think back to the times you ate at a restaurant that was so noisy you had to shout to talk with your friends. Did you want to go back there and eat again? Luckily, there are several ways to control the noise in your restaurant to provide a top-quality experience for your customers.

Wall/Ceiling Paneling
Fabric-wrapped acoustic panels, such as those we carry from Ambience, are a great choice for sound absorption that stays in line with your dining room’s color scheme and design. Every panel is wrapped in high-quality textured fabric and can be paired with any number of Guilford of Maine acoustic fabrics, and FR701 is one of our most popular options. Standard sizes of 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ are common for most restaurateurs' needs, but we can customize these panels up to 5’ x 10’ in size.

If your walls aren’t a viable option for acoustic paneling, ceiling-mounted panels are a great alternative. Clean, simple and fire-resistant, ceiling panels can blend right in for an out of sight, out of mind design that reduces reverberation and overall noise levels. Most customers won’t even notice them!

Ceiling Clouds
A cloud-style ceiling panel incorporates design to a dining space while adding plenty of function. Arrange them in your own patterns around chandeliers and ceiling fans, or line them up and space them evenly over large open areas with communal dining seating. Panels can be mounted easily to a ceiling with hooks and cables and provide a unique visual component to an otherwise unused, undecorated space.

Baffles or Waves
We’ve written previous posts about utilizing Rondo baffles or Whisperwave products when you’re interested in a unique, eye-catching panel design for your space, and the same holds true for restaurants. They’re a great choice for layered sound reduction and can be mounted at various heights for a stylish, asymmetric look depending on your space.

Outfitting your restaurant with sound reduction panels is as much functional as it is about design. To make sure you’re choosing paneling that’s right for your space, contact the SoundAway team and discuss your options with an acoustical analysis. We’re happy to quote you on a variety of projects that scale to your needs!

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